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Zoe Bowman Designs
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About Zoe
Name: Zoe Bowman
Nationality: Australian
Location: 2251
Member level: Platinum
Member since: 15 Dec 2011
Website: www.zoebowmandesigns.com
It was November 2009 when I found myself in a whole new world of discovery, as I realised I had finally completed all course work for my Visual Communication Design Degree, and I’ve been adding to my portfolio ever since. Though this is not at all out of the ordinary for me. From as early as my memory will permit I was drawing, designing, dreaming, always wondering what magic I could find, or better yet, create.

My art is my life, and from the moment I picked up a paintbrush I have never looked back. I could honestly not imagine doing anything else. I live and breathe it and hope to share my love of the arts in its many varied forms with the world. My creations allow me to escape reality and with each new idea more dreams are evoked and my passion for creating such beauty to share with others grows. This I hope to reflect in my work, and I therefore endeavour to inspire others to reach for more.
Beauty of Nature
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