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Karen Jane Williams
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About Karen Jane
Name: Karen Jane Williams
Nationality: Australian
Location: North Avoca, New South Wales
Member level: Bronze
Member since: 19 Aug 2012
Website: sites.google.com/site/artwithanedge
In 2001, Karen Jane Williams took an “Introduction to Arts” course and knew that fine arts would be her next passion following on from working with textiles and cottage crafts. 2002, saw a move back to New South Wales, to the Central Coast, from country Victoria, where Williams joined local art societies and started to take a more professional view of her passion. This included exhibiting paintings and participating in workshops and academies.

2011, Williams resigned from her nursing career, created "Art with an Edge" business name and web page, opened "Studio on Bradleys," her workspace and gallery in her home at North Avoca, which is open to the public by appointment only.

“Art with an Edge” refers to my art practice in terms of pushing my personal artistic parameters to new levels. Plus it refers to employing tools with some type of edge such as a palette knife, credit card, pastel etc."

"My art praxis is a depiction of my inner feelings and captures a representation of aspects of my life. It is a physical and therapeutic way to connect place, people and spirit. It reflects my attachment to colour and nature and my participation in the local community, and community at large."

"I work in a variety of sizes and styles. My pastel paintings are usually seascapes in a realistic to impressionistic style, while my mixed medium paintings are bold, figurative or abstracts works.

"I usually start a mixed medium painting by priming the canvas or paper with sand, tissue paper, newspaper etc. The acrylic paint is poured or thrown onto the surface and manipulated with a tool. At times I mix the paint with impasto gel then drag it across the surface with a pallet knife, scratch in random marks or embellish with inks to produce effects and texture. I finish with a clear varnish to achieve a lush, richness."
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