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Start selling your art and photography today!

Lemon Tree Art gives you the opportunity to sell art prints. It couldn’t be easier to reach a global audience with our marketing tools and online content management system. Lemon Tree Art is backed by Lemon Tree Framing, a quality custom framing service which has been operating on the Central Coast of NSW since 1973.

Maintaining constant high quality and customer satisfaction is our main priority. This is why we will guarantee all of our products, ensuring your work can be reproduced using the highest quality materials and printing techniques.

Our membership structure for selling art enables you to customise the gallery options to best suit your needs. All membership options can be changed at any time.

Getting Started

  • 1. Choose a suitable membership account, click on 'join' button (you can upgrade at any time).
  • 2. Create an account.
  • 3. Upload artwork to your portfolio and set a markup price.
  • 4. From here we'll do the rest.

Available Accounts

Benefits Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Number of images unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Storage and Traffic unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Galleries 5 50 250 unlimited
Tags/Keywords 10 20 100 200
Storefront Yes Yes Yes Yes
Own URL Yes Yes Yes Yes
Subjects 2 3 4 6
Framing Commission 0% 5% 10% 15%
100% Markup Commission 5% 5% 0% 0%
Priority in search results No High Higher Highest
Annual Fee FREE $50 $100 $200
Join Join  * Join  * Join  *

* We'll contact you with regards to payment for these accounts.


You retain the copyright of any of your artwork used on our site.

Earning Money

We have a list of base sizes and prices that we charge you for selling your art. Any mark-up on the base price is yours. In addition to this you will also earn a percentage of any framing of your work. The percentage amount depends on the level of membership you have chosen. You may upgrade your membership at any time.

Any image marked up by 100% or more will incur a processing fee dependant on the membership level you have chosen.

A 20 x 30cm print with a base price of $20 with your mark-up of say 50% will retail at $30 meaning you will receive $10 of each print sold.

If this print is sold framed, bringing the cost of the item to $100, then you will receive $10 for the sale of the print plus a percentage of the value of the framing. The framing cost to the customer is $70; the percentage you receive will be dependant on your membership level;
Bronze $0.00
Silver $3.50
Gold $7.00
Platinum $10.50


At the end of each month total sales will be calculated. Once you have reached the sales threshold ($100) for the month, payment will be sent within 45 days (This period allows shipping of the artwork and enables us to resolve any customer issues which may arise. Our customer service policy allows for a 30 day satisfaction guarantee return period.) If you do not reach the threshold in any one month (or alternatively “any individual month”) your total sales figure will carry over to the following month.

You may also use any account credit towards future purchases.

Buying your own images

You are able to purchase prints of your own images at the base price. We also offer a discount if you require large quantities. Please ask for further details.

Buying your own images as a framed item, through our Lemon Tree Framing service, perhaps to sell via other retail outlets, will allow you to buy the print at the base price and still receive the commission on the framing. Again a discount structure will be applied for bulk orders.

Select a membership plan and start selling your art today!

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